Factory Approved Instructors – Now Listed!

In the continuing effort to ensure that all HH CCR training is of the highest quality, we have compiled and published a list of “factory approved” HH instructors. What does this mean? These are the instructors who:

  • Are actively diving and teaching on the HH CCR
  • Have completed the appropriate training courses from approved agencies & their qualifications have been verified
  • Have agreed to stay up to date with the latest changes, improvements and updates from HammerHead CCR
  • Are authorized to sell HH CCR units
  • Have been identified by HH CCR to be able to provide top notch instruction

You can sort the instructor list by location, or by the services offered by particular instructors.

You can also see at what levels the various instructors offer training by browsing the qualification icons:

Approved HH Instructor

HH CCR Trimix Instructor

HH CCR Cave Instructor

Authorized Service Center






For a current list along with instructor contact info, please see: http://hammerheadccr.com/instructors-dealers/

Please note that if a particular instructor is not listed on the website, they ARE NOT factory approved to be teaching courses on the HammerHead CCR. If there are any questions relating to this list, or any instructor on the list, please EMAIL US or call at +1 801-256-6608.

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