Our first 6 months…



Well, it’s been 6 months now since we started operations and last night as we were doing a little company review of our first half year we started making a list of the things that we have accomplished. At the risk of pounding our own chests, here is a summary list of what Team HammerHead has been up to since Jan. 1, 2014:

      1. Formed parent company SubGravity
      2. Took over manufacturing, distribution, marketing and training oversight for HammerHead rebreathers
      3. Designed and built HammerHeadccr.com website
      4. Designed a logo and branding package
      5. Built out our electronics assembly shop, testing facility, warehouse and shipping facility
      6. Hired and trained manufacturing and service technicians
      7. Established factory authorized instructor requirements
      8. Cleaned up the instructor core and whittled down the number of instructors to only those who were actively and effectively teaching the HammerHead CCR to newly established factory standards as well as trained new instructors in various parts of the world
      9. Listed current instructor base on website with bios and contact information
      10. Established clear-cut QC (quality control) standards for manufacturing
      11. Designed and released a new back mounted counter lung
      12. Made small design changes to the O2 sensor cartridge to allow for easier removal and inspection
      13. Designed and implemented “BART”, our “build a rebreather tool” found on HammerHeadCCR.com
      14. Revamped user checklists
      15. Established clear-cut customer service rules including same day response to inquiries
      16. Designed and manufactured a 9.1 lb. radial scrubber making it our 4th scrubber option
      17. Released 3 new HammerHead wings including a donut style with 45 lbs. of lift, and two horseshoe style wings with 33 and 45 lbs. of lift respectively
      18. Established quarterly newsletters to HammerHead instructors
      19. Established quarterly newsletters to HammerHead users (Sign up HERE)
      20. Implemented consistent social media program (Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeInstagram)
      21. Established consistent presence on appropriate internet forums
      22. Launched new look and direction at Beneath the Sea, Long Beach Scuba Show, TEKDiveUSA and Inner Space 2014. (We will also be at EUROTEK and DEMA this year)
      23. Established sufficient inventory controls so as to be able to deliver new HammerHead CCR units within a 30 day window of ordering
      24. Established new on-line store on HammerHeadCCR.com for HammerHead CCR related accessories.
      25. Designed new accessories for mCCR and hCCR including new CMF port for Extreme head and blanking plug for IP blocking of 1st stage
      26. Released new HH handset covers
      27. Released new HH apparel
      28. Designed new lighter weight travel version of the HammerHead CCR
      29. Changed to more robust wiring harness in O2 sensor cartridge
      30. Manufactured aluminum and Delrin canisters for availability in all size configurations
      31. Extensive in water testing of all current products as well as new products under development (we actually dive!)

If we all seem a little tired the next time you see us, it’s probably because we don’t actually sleep!

Thank you to the community for all of your support. We have already far surpassed our expectations at this point and our “world domination tour” is now officially underway!


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