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Press release from SubGravity / HammerHead CCR:

The world’s most flexible expedition grade rebreather just became even more flexible!

SubGravity, Juergensen Marine and HammerHead CCR are excited to announce that the HammerHead CCR has just become even more flexible than it already was!

Effective immediately, the HammerHead CCR is now available with the following electronic configurations:

  • Juergensen Marine Rev C+ (OLED Screen) on primary and Rev C+ (OLED Screen) on secondary
  • Juergensen Marine Rev C+ (OLED Screen) on primary and Shearwater Petrel on secondary

As always, you can customize your HH CCR here: http://hammerheadccr.com/product/complete-rebreather/

All configurations still come standard with the legendary Juergensen Marine “DIVA” (heads up display) as well as a SubGravity/HammerHead CCR 2 year limited warranty. The Shearwater option is available as a hard-wired version or with a Fischer connector.

One of the hallmarks of the Juergensen philosophy has been giving divers choices for configuring their rebreather systems. They were the first to offer the 4th cell port, as well as to integrate the Golem BOV as Standard Equipment. This tradition continues in this new cooperative agreement. SubGravity/HammerHead CCR feels strongly that CCR divers should be able to configure their units to match their diving needs and desires. That’s why we offer the HammerHead CCR in an eCCR, mCCR, and hCCR configuration as well as with OTSCL and BMCL options. With 4 different sizes of radial scrubbers and two different canister sizes available in marine grade aluminum or Delrin, the HammerHead CCR is truly the only unit on the market with this level of user customization available.

If you are interested in adding a Shearwater to your existing HammerHead CCR, there is more information HERE

For more information, please go to www.HammerHeadCCR.com, call +1 801-256-6608 or email support@HammerHeadCCR.com

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